Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mission but in Action!

Hey Blogging Buddies! I am still here; I even get to read a few blogs somedays. It is totally crazy at work and home. Indoor season is coming at work. Outdoor soccer is almost over - this weekend - yay! My son broke his wrist in a game a week ago - he is doing well and out of soccer until December first.

I haven't done much hooking. By the time I sit down at night I just want to veg out. I did end up pulling out 2 of the 3 colors I had hooked on my prim candy corn. I re-hooked and it is MUCH better. I will show pics when I take some (add to list).
This is a cute pic I took at the apple orchard with Sydney's kindergarten class.

Hugs! SUE

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Birthday to my October Girl!

Happy Birthday to Sydney Kate - she turned five years old on Monday. She is absolutely the best little surprise we could have ever asked for. She received lots of Barbie stuff and Polly Pockets. He has been so excited. When she received money, she cried because she wanted presents - she just didn't know that the money could buy her more presents!
This is a little rug I am working on - started it on the trip down to the soccer tournament in Indianapolis. I am still having trouble with rounded areas and keeping the loops the same height - just looks more primitive, right!?!
I won a contest! That's right, me! I won the give-away celebrating the one-year anniversary of her blog on the Orange Sink. It is the wonderful pumpkin and crow pattern at the top of her blog; I am planning my colors and will start it this week. Thank you Cathy!
My other October Girl, Danielle of Sew Creepy Confections, also had a BIG birthday; she turned 40 yesterday. We met for coffee at Panera. It is always nice spending time with her. Our lives (mostly mine) are so busy that getting together has become a luxury. She got to go to Ghoultide in Novi, Michigan this past weekend so she was telling me all about it - I was sooo jealous.
Well, it's off to get the kids to school and get to work. I didn't have my head at work yesterday. With all the birthday stuff going on it was just a nuisance to have to go to work - haha! SUE

Friday, October 1, 2010


It's here, it's here! Finally October is here. It is my favorite month. I have had the autumn decorations out for over a month already. I have to do it early because we are so busy each evening there's no time. But now I can get the Halloween stuff out.

I really love blog-land. I haven't been able to craft much lately (at all) but I love seeing everything that all of you productive gals - and guys - have been able to do. Some of the creativity astounds me.

I have been busy getting the kids to school, homework, soccer, soccer and more soccer. We are at practices 5 days a week until 8pm most days. Then when the weekend comes we have 4-6 games in a weekend. It is truly crazy. This weekend we are off to Indianapolis for a soccer tournament with my oldest son's team. We are heading out this afternoon. I think it is a four hour trip from Lansing. I am planning on taking my rug hooking stuff. I would love to visit some shops in the area if I can. I may just sit and drink wine with the girls - yeah, that does sound relaxing.

I had to put the craft show on hold. I cannot realistically be in a craft show when I don't have any time. I may have to wait til my kids are out of the house before I could ever put the time into a craft business. My heart and dreams are there - just have to put the kids first at this time.

Thanks for stopping by! SUE