Friday, October 1, 2010


It's here, it's here! Finally October is here. It is my favorite month. I have had the autumn decorations out for over a month already. I have to do it early because we are so busy each evening there's no time. But now I can get the Halloween stuff out.

I really love blog-land. I haven't been able to craft much lately (at all) but I love seeing everything that all of you productive gals - and guys - have been able to do. Some of the creativity astounds me.

I have been busy getting the kids to school, homework, soccer, soccer and more soccer. We are at practices 5 days a week until 8pm most days. Then when the weekend comes we have 4-6 games in a weekend. It is truly crazy. This weekend we are off to Indianapolis for a soccer tournament with my oldest son's team. We are heading out this afternoon. I think it is a four hour trip from Lansing. I am planning on taking my rug hooking stuff. I would love to visit some shops in the area if I can. I may just sit and drink wine with the girls - yeah, that does sound relaxing.

I had to put the craft show on hold. I cannot realistically be in a craft show when I don't have any time. I may have to wait til my kids are out of the house before I could ever put the time into a craft business. My heart and dreams are there - just have to put the kids first at this time.

Thanks for stopping by! SUE

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  1. Hi Sue, yep your children come first!! But it's fun! I got your order. I sent you an e-mail. I will be at a show this weekend but will be home at night or we can get together Monday. I will not pour it up until then.
    Have a blast this weekend...and the wine thing..just do it!!