Wednesday, May 26, 2010


It is another HOT day here in Michigan. Whew! I have been trying to beautify my workplace - adding a flower pot outside the door, weed, clean inside and on the sidewalks. It is a good thing I started early - did I say it was HOT?

Monday I was off work and really wanted to spruce up my house. I have been thinking about it all spring - of course the day I decide to implement it is the hottest day of the year. And, Scott won't let me turn on the air conditioning - yet. Anyway, I had taken down the draperies in the living room and wanted to put a cooler look at the windows - you know, linen, sheer or just a lighter color. I am a fabric-aholic, so I had many options to go with. But, as I said it was hot. So, I didn't really get to making any curtains. After I pulled out all of the fabric, I decided I just didn't want to sew in the heat. LOL! That is how it is. So, I will be putting up the original draperies that I made. They are still my favorites!

I haven't been too creative lately - except in my own mind. But I have been enjoying blog land. So many very creative and inspiring people out there. I do know my dream is to have my own store - primitive, fabric, crafty workroom, antiques or all of the above.

Until the next time... SUE

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Where Women Create

I FINALLY got my new issue of Where Women Create - WOW!! I just love seeing the creative spaces that help to inspire such talented women. Some of the spaces are pretty enough to have in the main area of the house - oh how fun it would be to be in the craft room all the time - SNAP - surely a soccer ball would knock over something or someone would leave their size 10 or 13 tennis shoes right in the middle. Oh, but I can dream...

Anyway, I have been consumed by the blog world lately. I am so eager to see each post. I better keep up with my own posts!

I am at work this evening until 7:30pm. It is so slow this time of year at the indoor facility - duh, everyone is outside. I have to pace myself with my daily tasks and chores. Hardly anyone even calls now. So, I use this time to stitch a little. I added a wool button penny to my sweatshirt I finished stitching. I used an old button I had gotten from my friend Danielle (her MIL gave her the most wonderful antique buttons). LOL Danielle just called my cell - weird! I wish I had a job where I felt creative. The stress is gone from my job now, but I feel like my brain is going to mush because it is soooo slow.

I will have to bring another project for tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spring Soccer

We have been really busy with Spring Soccer lately. If you would have asked me ten years ago if I was planning on EVER spending Mother's Day at a weekend long soccer tournament, I would have laughed - ALOT! But, the pride I feel when I am watching them play soccer is amazing. Sydney gets to play with all of her friends when we are at the games so she loves coming.
Both my sons play for the TNT Dynamite Soccer Club. It is a year-round soccer Club so it seems to never end. Last weekend we were at the Midland Tournament in Midland Michigan - Nick's team won the Championship. They didn't get trophies (what's the point of a tournament at this age-haha) but were really pleased with their accomplishment. Their coach, Todd, is my boss at work too. Jake's team didn't fare as well; they lost all three games. You know, they played like typical 9-year olds - unpredictable. They did play much better on Sunday.

After the games, we went to Mt. Pleasant and had our Mother's Day dinner at Big Boy (the boys chose). We were all tired and had gotten too much sun so we went to bed early.

I have been reading a wonderful book series by Debbie MacComber about a knitting store, A Good Yarn, on Blossom Street (in Seattle, WA). It is such a heartwarming series and I cannot get enough. I just finished my second book in the series. With all the rain here today, I think I will start the next one.

Have a great Tuesday!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Back to Work...

So, I am back at work tonight to open the arena lobby for a TNT Coach to have a team meeting. It's not so bad. I spent a great evening at soccer practice for the boys (and the same coach). I had brought a new rug hooking pattern to prepare for starting. I was going to masking tape the edges of my Linen fabric. But... I got caught up in the fun of soccer practice and seeing all of my soccer peeps. I didn't finish but I will when I get home which I hope will be soon...

Good night:)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


These spring days feel so refreshing! I have been slowly spring cleaning all of the bedrooms in my house. Partly because my dog seems to lay claim to at least two of the rooms and I have had it. I have been closing the bedroom doors and keeping him out. I guess that means he will lay on the sofa in the living room all day instead of my bed - but that I can handle. This is Sydney and Porter hanging out on the sofa.

I have been very creative - in my head - the last few days. I finished blanket stitching around a sweatshirt I am doing for myself. Now I just need to finalize the pattern I am going to applique on it. My husband said,"how many of those do you really need?" It is not his concern! I will have one for each day of the week if I want!!

I love the lilacs this time of year. The little tree we planted in the back yard 7 years ago when we moved in is producing a rich, dark and super fragrent flower this year. The one behind the garage is sparse though, sad.

I am off to work - cleaning day on the field. Have a great day!!