Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Spring Soccer

We have been really busy with Spring Soccer lately. If you would have asked me ten years ago if I was planning on EVER spending Mother's Day at a weekend long soccer tournament, I would have laughed - ALOT! But, the pride I feel when I am watching them play soccer is amazing. Sydney gets to play with all of her friends when we are at the games so she loves coming.
Both my sons play for the TNT Dynamite Soccer Club. It is a year-round soccer Club so it seems to never end. Last weekend we were at the Midland Tournament in Midland Michigan - Nick's team won the Championship. They didn't get trophies (what's the point of a tournament at this age-haha) but were really pleased with their accomplishment. Their coach, Todd, is my boss at work too. Jake's team didn't fare as well; they lost all three games. You know, they played like typical 9-year olds - unpredictable. They did play much better on Sunday.

After the games, we went to Mt. Pleasant and had our Mother's Day dinner at Big Boy (the boys chose). We were all tired and had gotten too much sun so we went to bed early.

I have been reading a wonderful book series by Debbie MacComber about a knitting store, A Good Yarn, on Blossom Street (in Seattle, WA). It is such a heartwarming series and I cannot get enough. I just finished my second book in the series. With all the rain here today, I think I will start the next one.

Have a great Tuesday!

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