Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Where Women Create

I FINALLY got my new issue of Where Women Create - WOW!! I just love seeing the creative spaces that help to inspire such talented women. Some of the spaces are pretty enough to have in the main area of the house - oh how fun it would be to be in the craft room all the time - SNAP - surely a soccer ball would knock over something or someone would leave their size 10 or 13 tennis shoes right in the middle. Oh, but I can dream...

Anyway, I have been consumed by the blog world lately. I am so eager to see each post. I better keep up with my own posts!

I am at work this evening until 7:30pm. It is so slow this time of year at the indoor facility - duh, everyone is outside. I have to pace myself with my daily tasks and chores. Hardly anyone even calls now. So, I use this time to stitch a little. I added a wool button penny to my sweatshirt I finished stitching. I used an old button I had gotten from my friend Danielle (her MIL gave her the most wonderful antique buttons). LOL Danielle just called my cell - weird! I wish I had a job where I felt creative. The stress is gone from my job now, but I feel like my brain is going to mush because it is soooo slow.

I will have to bring another project for tomorrow!


  1. I'm the same way, I sure get wrapped up in blog surfing! There are so many good ones out there, it can suck away hours and I don't realize it.

  2. Love the rug hooking and the jar of lilacs is beautiful. Looking forward to more of your finished work...(millstone mercantile)