Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Autumn Relaxation!

I cut lots of wonderful wool strips to start a new rug. I am in dire need of some evening relaxation. Hooking always puts me in a happy mood. Pumpkins and crows are coming!

We saw some huge, beautiful crows today in a yard across from the school; there were at least six of them. I love how on these cool, sunny mornings we all seem to notice more nature.
Sydney is loving kindergarten! Everyday she comes home with a new revelation about school. She has been singing tons of new songs too. She is very tired though. Most evenings she has been falling asleep at soccer practice. She is even getting used to getting to bed early.
Well, off to work. The days are flying by! SUE


  1. I attmepted making a hooked rug and I ended up giving up about 1/3 of teh way through. I just could not make it work. Looking forward to seeing you rug when it is finished.

  2. Its a perfect time to hook pumpkins and crows. I look forward to watching your progress. I just found your blog :)