Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year Blessings!

Happy New Year! It has been a long and trying few months but I think I am coming back. Christmas was wonderful and I have gotten the house back in order. The kids are getting a little stir-crazy on break but head back to school on Monday.

My Husband, Scott, is going in for knee replacement surgery on Monday as well. It has been a long time coming and I am glad it is finally here. My sister, Terri, is coming in from Illinois to help out with getting the boys to school on these first few days and keeping Sydney for me as I go back and forth to the hospital. Scott says he will be fine with a few books from the library so I can hang out with my sister for a few days.

Work has been very busy but I think I finally have a good crew there who can help carry the load. Schedules for the next soccer session are done and on the web - a week early! I will enjoy a few days off from the stress of the job.

I don't know what the new year holds for me and my crafty world. I have been thinking long and hard about my dreams, goals, life and people in it. Life is precious and there is not alot of extra time in my life to waste on things that don't make me happy. With the three busy kids in school and soccer and full time work the moments I spend on me have to count.

So, I have started stitching my wool quilt-of-the-month and have two done. I love the primitive look of it. And the colors so dark and muted -- mmmmm -- love it! Scott built me a new desk in my dining room that I am in the process of skirting so I can hide all my projects in-process in as to not clutter the room. I am thinking about making new draperies too -- ambitious, I know, but I have to get back to basics.

So CHEERS to a new year! God Bless!


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