Monday, September 28, 2009

October on its Way

Wow! Yesterday my family and I were at an MSU Men's soccer game in East Lansing and it was sunny and warm out. Today, true to Fall form, it is rainy, dark, cool and very windy. I love the cooler weather; it makes me want to craft. I have so many ideas swimming around in my mind I will need a vacation to get them even down on paper. My two favorite October girls will be having their birthdays this Sunday. I love thinking of the gift that would be perfect for them. Sydney will be four years old and she is VERY easy to buy for. Danielle is easy to buy for too, but because she is my partner in CRAFT, I try to come up with something a bit more special. In case she reads this I won't go into detail - let's just say that it will be great - hehehehehe!!

My next show is in October, it is the Holidays in Haslett show at the Haslett High School. It is October 17 and always proves to be one of the top shows of the year. It falls right before Halloween so I will have the last of the Halloween goodies there, but I will have a fair amount of Christmas there too. I know my friends who shop the show always get their first snowmen there.

My work is gearing up to be VERY busy until April; finding crafting time takes a bit of creativity (you'd think I would be good at that - hmmm). As I sit in the quiet lobby of the Indoor Arena I hear the wind whipping around outside making our vinyl dome moan. My craft bag is sitting here by me -- beckoning me to create. Ah, but alas, I will have to take it home. I promise to work on my craft tonight.

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