Wednesday, April 28, 2010

He Can't Be Trusted!

Let me introduce you to Porter. He is our "Brown Dog" and he can't be trusted! Today when I left to take the boys to school, I made sure that any food on the counter top was out of Porter's reach. He has a tendency to eat anything that he can get his mouth on. Well, somehow this dog got not only a new pack of fresh hamburger buns for tonight's dinner, but the practically new pack of Oreo cookies. I am at my wits end!!!
He is known for this. I shouldn't be surprised. What is "out of reach" for me is NOT for Porter. The dog can scale a chain link fence like nothing and he can escape from anywhere. We had to even change the kind of door knobs on our back door because he not only could let himself out (with a door that opens in) but he could unlock the dead bolt! I know! Well he can't open a round knob - haha!
What to do? I love my Brown Dog! But I hate my Brown Dog. It has been like this since the beginning.
Anyway, thought you should know.

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