Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Finishes

I finally got some Christmas things made! I made two of these Santas in Antique white frames that were in my Grandmother's house. Don't tell my dad that we had to remove his old school pictures from 1945 (we saved them though). I gave the original to my mom. This image and all the wools have been swimming around in my head and came out exactly as I imagined. The second I made for my brother Tim.

I stitched up a bunch of quick ornies to give to my mom, sister, and brothers while I was in Illinois for Thanksgiving too. They turned out sweet. I think I made 6 in the hour.

I then sewed up a tableskirt for my mom. I had made the same one - fabric and all - about 5 years ago. She washed it and it shrank. Sew (oops) So, I got the same fabric and sewed up another one. I hadn't sewed in a while so it was fun to get at it again. I wish I had all this energy at home. I guess when I'm at mom's house I don't have all the responsibility of my own home and chores so I can be creative - I love that!

Well, I cannot figure out how to put these paragraphs under the picture - any ideas? Have a super day and stay warm! SUE


  1. Love the Santa! Sometimes it is easier to get the words under each picture if you write your blog using the "edit html" tab. You just have to know which group of letters and numbers is which picture.

  2. Love your ornies. I post my pictures and with the cursor I can drop below a picture. Have a great Christmas!!!