Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Happy New Year and Winter Blessings!

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and Winter Blessings. This has been a great year for me and my family. The children are growing and learning at an amazing rate and my husband and I have to adjust. It is a big change to go from innocent, cute babies to intelligent, head-strong children and pre-teens!

I plan on making many resolutions - as I always do - and I will get those out soon. But in the mean time, I wanted to look back at the year. I learned how to let go of friends who don't want to be friends and depend on my family, who is always there for me. I have learned how to work without letting my job be who I am. And I have learned how to savor the moments that make me proud, instead of beating myself up over all of the things that could have been. Of course, these are things I learned this year but have to practice everyday. These things have been a large part of who I am for so long that changing my train of thought will be difficult.

Blogging and following all of the inspiring people out in blogland has been very rewarding. I intend to do more of it this new year. Of course, I am cleaning out the craft room and refocusing my hobbies...Happy New Year! SUE

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