Friday, April 15, 2011

Busy April

So much is happening around here it is hard to keep up! April has to be my second favorite month, only behind October. It is the beginning of warmer weather, my hubby and I had our first kiss (4/17), we were married (4/20 will be 20 years), my Jacob James was born (4/12) and so much more! Scott finished a farm table for me recently. I just have to paint the legs black and it will be finished. It is over six feet long and fits wonderfully into my dining room. Now I just need to paint the dining room and we will be all set (til I get the bug to do it all again - which I will). Nick had a soccer tournament in Middletown, Ohio and the team got 2nd place. He is really becoming a good player! That is Sydney under the sport umbrella keeping dry. It actually didn't rain that much. This tournament marks the start of the BUSY outdoor season. I have the day off today (well, I gotta go in at 5:30). I ran a ton of errands, went to Weight watchers and worked out. I seemed to have stalled a little and need a jump start. This has been a good day; learning about "ME" time. See ya! SUE


  1. Obviously I can't figure out the spacing of my blog! I just don't know!

  2. Beautiful looking table, Sue! Happy Anniversaries!

  3. LOVE your new table - there is one on my list too - our family needs more space so we can all eat together! Maybe you can share more about how his made it?