Friday, April 1, 2011


Hey Everyone! I am still around. I have been keeping up on all of my favorite blogs, I just haven't done much to blog about. One thing I have done is started Weight Watchers. It has been a blessing to me, giving me some much needed control in this crazy life of mine. I have lost 22 1/2 pounds in 9 weeks. My sister and Mom are also on the plan, though they are in Illinois and I am here in Michigan. It has been good for me to have buddies on the same plan. I have been trying new recipes for the family so we can all eat better. One thing I know, I don't like to cook! But, fast food is not an option anymore for this girl! I have been cleaning, organizing and purging my craft space. My sister came and stayed in the extra bedroom and I think she felt comfortable. It looks cozy and crafty without being cluttered. I think that is what I am trying to achieve in my WHOLE life. I got my Hartman rug hook and I LOVE, LOVE it! It sure makes hooking easier. I have only hooked a little as the organizing of all of the wool - a particular OBSESSION of mine - has taken a priority due to the recent house guest. No pictures today, but I will try and scrounge some up. Spring Break started for the kids today. I am taking 5 days off to go to Illinois to see my Mom and Dad and the rest of my family - I cannot wait! I have been particularly lonely for friendship lately - maybe this will cure me. I gotta think about starting a rug hooking club in Lansing - hmmm, not a bad idea. Have a wonderful weekend! SUE

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  1. Way to go on the weight loss - Eating right sure does take up time in the kitchen! I have been like that lately - less clutter - at least that's what i'm trying to achieve. Been in a hooking slump so de-cluttering a bit helps too! Have a grat family visit!