Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Finished Finally!

I finally finished my pineapple rug - and it has it's place in the living room. I seem to always look at the clock so I hung it on the wall next to my favorite clock. I live with simple
men who don't understand primitive concepts - I know, that is ironic. But each one of them questioned my simple pineapple and my color choices. The 1991 is for the year Scott and I were married and pineapples represent hospitality - very simple. The colors match my house - again, very simple. Any hoo...
I have been busy at work. I spend a month doing nothing but blogging and then this busy time comes and I don't even get to sit down to read emails - very crazy!
Summer is slipping by fast. We get to go away this weekend for the Fourth of July - maybe hit the beach. I am looking forward to some stitching time!

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