Monday, July 5, 2010

Wonderful Weekend!

This is Lake Michigan at Stevensville, Michigan. The kids got to swim each evening as the sun set at the Lincoln Township beach. When I was growing up my dad used to take my brother and I down to the beach nearly every evening so he could watch the sunset and we could swim. It was a spectacular way to spend every evening in the summer. It is definitely one thing I want my kids to experience. My in-laws still live in Stevensville so when we visit setting at the beach at sunset is a must.
We had a cookout at their house on Saturday with my husbands sister and her kids and their children. It was a beautiful, clear day on Saturday. But when Sunday came the heat and humidity were back. We didn't stay too long on Sunday. We did go to Big Boy with Scott's parents. It's a funny thing - Big Boy. Scott worked there when he was 17 and got fired for calling the head waitress a naughty name. But, he still loves to eat there. He even once had aspirations to visit every Big Boy in the country -- Not gonna happen! I am trying to get more pictures to post and it isn't working - I will try more later. Have a great 5th of July! SUE

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  1. Did your yard sale ever happen? I thought that I was reading about myself here... sometimes there's just too much to do each day...just enjoy what's important...those sweet kids.