Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Projects

Scott fixing the stairs. Jake in the pool and some pretty petunias from my neighbor, Frank!
What a nice weekend my family had. We took a family outing to IKEA - our first time, swam in our pool, weeded the flower beds - that don't have flowers, and repaired our front steps - Scott actually did those; I supervised. First, the trip to IKEA. Wow! What a great place for inspiration. Now, personally I am not a modern fan; I am more country cottage. But I was in awe of all the great stuff at such ridiculously low prices. I watch alot of Clean House on Style channel with Niecy Nash and now I see how they can redo whole rooms and houses on such a low budget and have them turn out. We ate at the cafeteria and it was yummy. We all had dessert and it only cost $34!

Scott fixed our front steps Sunday. A couple weeks ago one of the risers fell under the front porch. Then, each step started buckling and coming up. It was dangerous just to go down the stairs. I didn't think Scott would really know how to retro-fit new stairs without taking everything on the porch apart - but he surprised me! He did such a great job - and they are more sturdy now than they have ever been! Thanks Honey!

Thank heaven for our pool. We have air conditioning, but that just keeps everyone inside. The kids and I love to swim. It is an above ground, 16 foot, 42 inch deep pool - it is still refreshing and fun.

We are getting some much needed rain. I hope it comes down all day - everything is dry.

Have a wonderful day! SUE

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